2019 Seedling Census
May 2019:
LTER Science Council Visit 
March 2019:
Soil C
ore campaign 
November 2018:
Ingrowth core campaign 
Second Year of Warming!
Before and after pictures
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Spring 2018: Post-hurricane data collection
June 2016: Visit from USDA
Secretary Tom Vilsack
September 2018: 
Ingrowth Core Campaign 
May 2018: Reconstruction complete!
Sept 2017: Aftermath of Hurricanes Irma and Maria
Summer 2016: Final data collection pre warming 
March 2016: Pretreatment soil
core campaign
June 2014: Canopy work begins!

Feb 2014: First soil sampling round
May 2014: USGS Powell Center
Working Group
Nov 2013: Equipment & Site Selection

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The heaters have arrived!