Project Manager
Aura M. Alonso-Rodríguez
USDA Forest Service, International Institute of Tropical Forestry
Active: 2014 to 2018
Aura was our project manager since the construction of the experiment started in 2014. She helped build the experiment from the ground up and establish the research program that we have today.  
Aura is currently doing her PhD  at The University of Vermont.
Graduate Students
Alida Mau
Michigan Technological University
Alida finished her masters on how photosynthesis in canopy leaves responds to temperature variations.
Scientific Collaborators
Eoin L. Brodie
Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory
Eoin Brodie is a microbiologist/biogeochemist with expertise in soils and subsurfaces systems and plant-microbial interactions. Within TRACE, he led efforts to uncover the mechanisms and consequences of changes in microbial ecophysiology in response to warming.
Colorado Mesa University
Deborah Kennard is a Forest Ecologist and professor at Colorado Mesa University. In 2015 she did a 6 month sabbatical with TRACE. Deborah is collaborating with Dr. Joanne Sharpe to lead a study on the effects of warming on the fern and herbacious plant communities. 
Transcend Engineering
Stephen Farrington is an engineer that collaborated on the TRACE project. He installed prototype PRISMS (Profile Resolving In Situ Soil Moisture Sensor) probes in the TRACE plots that collected spatially continuous moisture data from the surface to a meter below ground. 
USDA Forest Service
Jean Lodge is a botanist who specializes in fungal diversity. Her work in the TRACE plots involved investigating the effects of basidiomycete fungi on leaf decomposition. 
Bruce A. Kimball
Greenleaf Group & USDA Arid-Land Agricultural Research Center
Bruce is a soil scientist and our expert on infra-red warming experiments. He designed the TRACE warming infrastructure and the main datalogger control programs.
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Jeffrey Warren is a plant ecophysiologist who investigated the effects of environmental change on sap flow and stem growth in adult trees with different wood densities in the Luquillo Experimental Forest. 
Ariel E. Lugo
USDA Forest Service, International Institute of Tropical Forestry
Five years ago Ariel Lugo organized a workshop to discuss ideas for a large-scale climate change experiment in Puerto Rico.  It was this seminar workshop that set TRACE in motion! Ariel continues to lend his research experience to the project and was collaborating with us on improving tropical forest representation in Earth System Models.
Brian Yudkin & Bella Reyes
Jamarys Torres & Talia Anderson
Mónica Cruz
Tessaliz Quiles
Kurt Miller
Gisela González
Nate Stenson
Héctor Marín
Aral Greene
Virginia-Rose Seagal
Anna Nordseth
Taylor Saunders
Helena Kleiner
Rosanise Odell
Kyle Zollo
Emily Ramirez
Gilmarie Rivera
Esther Williams
Jacob Luna
Carolina May
Veronica Lourich
Megan Muller-Girard
Kevin Santiago Escaso
Pedro León
William Mejía
Research assistants and undergraduate students
Terry Torres
Mike Schmid
Kaylie Butts
GraceAnna Schilz
Elsa Schwartz
Marissa Palmer
Ben Miller
Tanner Stiker
Madeline Reinsel
Josh Brown, Angie Shaffer & Michael Peyton
Left to right: Yianna Bekris, Brian Smith & Libby Sternhagen
Alyssa Umberger & Ryan McDonald
William Hernandez & Julymar Rodríguez
Benjamin Branoss
Carl Carter
Mandee Kuhn
Casey Hughes
Juan Morales & Kiara Rodríguez
Eddie Campell
Sean Reynolds
Sara Carabajal
Michael Mahr & Spencer Stout
Tomás Furi
Nikki Niewold
Mary Nordseth
Anna Wilson
Ninoshka Irizarry, Yadira Gutiérrez, Gabriela Cardona & Gilmarie Rivera
Marguerite Kinsella

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