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The project is associated to the  Sabana Field Research Station (SFRS) in eastern Puerto Rico. The United States Forest Service facility counts with numerous buildings that support field research and facilitate national and international scientific work. 

At the SFRS there are administration and multipurpose buildings, at which Forest Service personnel work in close collaboration with our team, a research laboratory, a dormitory, and our offices building. 

Sabana Field Research Station.JPG

Sabana Field Research Station Scientist Research Offices and Dormitory Buildings. (Photo Credit: Iana Grullón-Penkova)

In the Research Laboratory we process must of our samples and give maintenance to our field equipment. The lab is divided into wet and dry sides, in which different specialized equipment is used. These include: 

  • Drying ovens

  • Freezers

  • Chemical hood

  • Balance

  • Micro-centrifuge 

  • Ball mill grinder 


SFRS Dry Laboratory Side. (Photo Credit: Nicole Gutiérrez-Ramos)

The Station's Dormitory can host researchers, interns and volunteers, students and professors. It is equipped with: 

  • Bunk beds

  • Full kitchen  

  • Common area 

  • Shared bathrooms

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