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Oceania Blue Sea Expedition visits the TRACE Project

By Iana Grullón-Penkova

As part of a world tour in the aims of creating a documentary series to highlight global efforts towards the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, the Oceania Blue Sea Expedition has made a stop in Puerto Rico. During their time in the Island they visited the TRACE project.

The Oceania Blue Sea Expedition will travel around the world in the search of problems and solutions summarized in the 17 Sustainable Development Goals; which are a tool for assessing and implementing the UN’s 2030 Agenda. Goal # 13 is called Climate Action, and it intends to shine light into the global changes in climate conditions with its multiple challenges. Under this aspect TRACE will be featured as one of the multiple research efforts towards the understanding of a new world with warmer temperatures in tropical forests.

Upon their visit, the Oceania crew were able to see our experimental setting, interview Dr. Tana Wood, and capture real time measurements being performed in the field. This visit was possible due to the coordination of Ricardo Arzuaga, executive director of UNA-USA Puerto Rico (a program of the United Nations Foundation).

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