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Our First School Visit

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

By Iana Grullón-Penkova

In our outreach efforts we have hosted the visit of our first school group. We were excited to receive the visit of sixth graders from school Luis Muñoz Rivera in San Juan, who through the Corporation for Environmental Sustainability (COSUAM) came to us to learn about the impact of climate change in tropical forests.

The visit consisted of 34 students and 5 adults who moved through five different stations: #1 River ecology station, #2 Acidification and pH, #3 Carbon footprint, #4 Forest warming, #5 Root dynamics. In all stations the visitors acquired theoretical and practical tools on the fundamentals of ecological research. Students learned about the importance of experimental projects and their value for the understanding and improvement of science.

We were able to show the students multiple research lines throughout the forest thanks to the support of Forest Service personnel like Dr. Tamara Heartsill and Dr. Miriam Salgado on the River Ecology station. The rest of stations were hosted by TRACE team members who explained the work that we do in the context of the different components of the visit. Go to our Photos section to see more pictures from this event.

Learn more about COSUAM

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