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Graduate Students

Gabriela Hernandes.jpg
Gabriela Hernandes Villani
Oklahoma State University 
Gabriela is investigating the effects of Climate Change on Tropical Forests; specifically, on how plant's heat tolerance is influenced by the interactions among plants, natural enemies, and fungi. 
Parker Bartz 
Oklahoma State University 
Parker is studying the effects of climate warming on soil bacterial composition, nitrogen-fixing trees, and overall nitrogen cycling in the forest. He will do this by combining field work with biochemical and genomic techniques.
Malik Sankofa 
Michigan Technological University - Houghton 
Malik is researching the response of fungal communities to experimental warming, to understand the potential ecological implications of climate change on tropical fungi. 
Robert Tunison
Michigan Technological University - Houghton
Rob’s research is focused on studying understory plant foliar and root physiological acclimation responses to disturbance under experimentally warmed conditions. 
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