Project Manager
Iana is an environmental scientist, responsible for the day-to-day operations of the field warming project,  collecting data both in the laboratory and in the field, general administration, management of volunteers and interns, social media, and educational outreach. She is also the primary liaison for communications regarding TRACE.
Lead Technician
Nicole is an ecologist responsible for collecting plant physiology data, specifically foliar photosynthesis and respiration as well as root respiration. She also assists the project manager with day-to-day maintenance of instruments and database administration sample collections and measurements, and data analysis to ensure quality control of ongoing research.
General Technician
William is a biologist responsible for routine sample collection, field measurements, site inspections; sample processing, and data organization.  He also assists the project manager with day-to-day equipment maintenance and database organization. 
Data manager
Megan is responsible for the project's data publications. She organizes and performs quality control tests on our largest datasets to ensure high-quality data is available for our project and the general community. 
Research Technicians
Robin is a biogeochemist with the USGS in Moab UT who is responsible for processing and analyzing many of the soil and plant samples collected from the plots.
Armin is a biologist with the USGS in Moab UT who assists with a number of different areas of the project; especially root cleaning and scanning, Li-Cor troubleshooting, and environmental sensor installation and operation