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Project Manager
Iana Grullón-Penkova
Iana is an environmental scientist, responsible for the day-to-day operations of the field warming project,  collecting data both in the laboratory and in the field, general administration, management of volunteers and interns, social media, and educational outreach. She is also the primary liaison for communications regarding TRACE.
Lead Technician
Tatiana is an environmental scientists, responsible for coordinating the field and lab component sample collection and processing, along with some equipment maintenance and repair, and general monitoring of the project.
Environmental Equipment Technician
Deyaneira is industrial biotechnologist, responsible for the day-to-day operations, instrument maintenance, and
data collection and organization for TRACE.
Field Technician
Laura Rubio
Laura has a double major, in environmental geosciences and women, gender and sexuality studies. At TRACE she is responsible for the minirhizotron image collection and organization; also assisting  in general project sample collection and processing. 
Research Technicians
Robin is a biogeochemist with the USGS in Moab UT who is responsible for processing and analyzing many of the soil and plant samples collected from the plots.
Armin is a biologist with the USGS in Moab UT who assists with a number of different areas of the project; especially root cleaning and scanning, Li-Cor troubleshooting, and environmental sensor installation and operation
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