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Principal Investigators

Tana Wood is an ecosystem ecologist and biogeochemist with a particular interest in how climate and land-use change affects tropical forested ecosystems.  She is the primary on-site scientist for TRACE and primarily leads the below ground research effort.
Sasha is a biogeochemist who loves exploring how elements like carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus move around in terrestrial ecosystems. She helps the group assess and interpret plant and soil chemical characteristics so we can figure out the fundamental relationships between temperature, carbon cycling, and nutrients. 
Molly Cavaleri 201809110019.jpg
Molly Cavaleri is a forest ecophysiologist with expertise in tree canopy structure and function and the cycling of carbon and water through forests.  Within TRACE, she leads the effort to explore the effects of warming on tropical plant physiological processes like plant respiration and photosynthesis.
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